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Math for America (MfA) is a community-based fellowship program for outstanding mathematics and science teachers. Throughout each fellowship, MƒA teachers engage in, and often facilitate, wide range of learning opportunities and explore common themes to develop skills and new strategies for reaching all students. An extended community of scientists and mathematicians works with MfA teachers to provide opportunities to deepen content knowledge and make new connections. MƒA Master Teachers themselves serve as mentors for MƒA Early Career Teachers, the intention being to create life-long teaching trajectories.

TRU is the underlying theory of teaching and learning for MfA. MƒA’s professional development efforts include the R&D project “Analyzing Instruction in Mathematics Using the Teaching for Robust Understanding Framework,” or AIM-TRU. In AIM-TRU, Professional learning teams of teachers meet on a regular basis to engage in the collaborative investigation of video cases utilizing a shared repertoire that includes questioning protocols adapted from TRU. The video cases are centered around videos of teachers using the Formative Assessment lessons.

AIM-TRU has produced a set of video case materials for use by teacher collectives. Their case studies are centered around lessons conducted by MfA teachers using the Formative Assessment Lessons. Case study materials, available at the AIM-TRU website, include the lesson itself, information about the mathematical context, supplementary information about the school and lesson, a transcript of the video, and facilitation slides.

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