Mathematics Assessment Project

The Mathematics Assessment Project aims to bring the Common Core State Standards (CCSSM) to life in a way that will help teachers and their students turn their aspirations for achieving them into classroom realities. The project materials exemplify CCSSM in explicit down-to-earth performance terms and were produced as part of a collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley and the Shell Center team at the University of Nottingham, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The team works with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative and school systems across the US and UK to develop improved assessment.

TRU-Lesson Study 

This project, TRU-Lesson Study, will mobilize the expertise of teachers and school administrators, the power of scientific research and the commitment of funding institutions, in a collaborative endeavor to improve student learning. Mathematics educators will work with colleagues from Mills College, SERP Institute, U.C. Berkeley, and OUSD to delve deeply into students’ thinking and reimagine strategies for enriching classroom interactions. The project is an extension of an OUSD partnership with SERP, a national organization that brings researchers and designers into collaborations to address problems that those charged with educating children consider of highest importance. This project will allow OUSD to both strengthen our own capacity to provide first-rate mathematics education to high school students, and to serve as a model for other districts that share our ambitious goal. TRU Math and Lesson Study, both strategies that have been successfully piloted in OUSD, will be the springboards for this exciting work.