Draft PD Modules from the Mathematics Assessment Project

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Professional Development Modules

The Mathematics Assessment Project has developed five draft Professional Development Modules designed to help teachers with the practical and pedagogical challenges presented by the Formative Assessment Lessons.

Module 1 introduces the model of formative assessment used in the lessons. Modules 2 & 3 look at the two types of FALs (concept-oriented and problem solving) in detail. Modules 4 & 5 explore two crucial pedagogical features of the lessons: asking probing questions and collaborative learning.

The modules are activity-based, built around a collection of example classroom activities. The aim is to engage groups of teachers in constructive discussions about their own practices and how these could change. They then plan and teach a lesson using these ideas in their own classroom, and meet again to reflect on their experiences.

These are draft materials. The videos feature students in England working on projects with similar goals. The Mathematics Assessment Project hopes, ultimately, to be able to make videos showing the actual materials in US Middle and High schools.

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