Mathematics Teaching On Target

Mathematics Teaching On Target is a planning and reflection guide that enriches and improves mathematics teaching. It introduces a new tool, the TRU “bullseyes,” to help refine and improve classroom activities.

Readers are invited to pick an activity they plan to use with their students. Is it as mathematically rich as it might be? Does it stretch the students in the right ways, inviting “productive struggle”? Can all students engage with it, in ways that allow them to grow as mathematical thinkers? What evidence will student work provide, helping the teacher revise the activity so that it works better both in the moment and next time?

For each TRU dimension, Mathematics Teaching On Target guides readers through an easy-to- use set of questions that help to refine and improve classroom activities. The bullseyes targets help readers see how close to being “on target” the activities are, and that suggest how they can be improved. In the short run, using On Target improves lessons. In the long run, On Target accelerates teacher development by supporting teachers in focusing and reflecting on what really counts in teaching. Here is a sample bullseye:

We expect MathTeaching on Target to be published in 2023.

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